2008 in Review


I started out the new year at the lake with some friends, and then got back to Kelowna for some good skiing. My two favorite posts were a little bit on the sub-prime crisis and a wee rant about renters and owners.


On the 11th I started working at Enquiro, which spawned the first post about our
Covey Coffee Club (We just had a couple more new people start, so it’s probably time for another club). I also started to find the voice for this site: I posted the first first Song Of The Week and accepted that this would be a real estate investing blog.  This coincided with my first Quickstart/ACRES weekend, and then led to a popular post on finding cashflowing investment properties. I finished up with a little love for my parents and an experiment in visualizing my personal Belize.


The Millwoods townhouse popped up for the first time and I joined REIN. Carolyn guest-blogged for the first time, reminding me of how much property management and real estate investing has influenced my family.

The Tories got reelected and this blog  entered the Top 100 Real Estate Blogs at #116. I’ve since moved up to #96, which is pretty good considering they’ve added another 50 blogs to the list.

The best thing I can remember about April was writing a post about finding dead people, because it continues to be found by really, really wierd search terms.


One Year till my Wedding! I had a pair of posts about tenants and property mangers, but most importantly my parents finally got to live some of their personal Belize, taking off to England and France for a month.


Dad and I coined the Black Triangle of Edmonton, Kristen and Greg got married and Mom and Dad got back from France. I made a big list of places to advertise your rentals and the Bank of Canada chose to hold the overnight at 3%. (That decision seems a little funny in retrospect.)  I also did Alberta in a Weekend. That was dumb.


I removed conditions on a property and Megan got possession of her Condo. I had a great birthday, and then posted one of my most successful posts ever, the house price trends analysis. I also decided to make all my content avaiable via creative commons and play with slideshare more.


REIN’s New Top 10 Towns came out. I went to San Jose, started on Megan’s Bathroom Renos, and was a run director for the Apple Triathlon…all at once.


A motrgage goes poof but the blog gets bumped up to a PageRank 3 and I have to send the City of Edmonton a cookie.


I started playing with Moving Charts and posted a Wordle for the first time.


November was a blur of blogging. My semi-successful attempt to live-blog a REIN meeting happened in four parts, and I decided to be a little more useful by publishing more useful  information for investors.


Sean helped me out with my quest for more stats, leading to some nice detailed data. I finally started ski-patrolling, and spent Christmas in Edmonton.

Maybe in the near future I’ll discuss what 2009 will bring….

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