32 Amazing Real Estate, Investing and Economics Blogs I Read

32 Real Estate, Investing and Economics Blogs I Read

Here you go, straight out of my RSS reader. These are 32 of the blogs I follow via RSS. If you’re a new real estate investor and you’re looking for reading material this should let you get started.

  1. Alberta Bubble – Every investor should follow a bubble blog or two. When I went through my RSS feeds I noticed that 2 of the 4 bubble bloggers I followed had quit blogging and 3 of the 4 had bought houses.
  2. Andrew C. MacDonald – A young REIN member from Ontario.
  3. Brent Davies – Former Property Manager now Realtor. Also, my Dad.
  4. Calgary Real Estate Discussion – One of two Calgary blogs I follow, not as often updated at #5.
  5. Calgary Real Estate Market Blog – I’m not often sure which side of the coin Radley’s on, but he writes good stuff usually.
  6. Canadian Capitalist – Great general investing advice.
  7. Canadian Mortgage News & Canada’s Mortgage Trends – Good source for mortgage advice.
  8. Chris Davies – Me!
  9. CMHC News Releases — Prairie and Territories Region – CMHC’s Press Releases
  10. CREA News – Canadian Real Estate Assoc News
  11. Dan’s Real Estate Blog – Dan Eisenhauer, another REIN member.
  12. Edmonton Industrial Real Estate Blog – Industrial/Commercial isn’t my bag, but it’s good to keep an eye on it.
  13. Edmonton Real Estate Blog – Sara and Sheldon’s blog, one of my absolute favorites.
  14. Edmonton Real Estate Investor Michelle Millar’s blog from Japan.
  15. GeekEstate Blog – Computers and Real Estate!
  16. Go Beyond MLS – Another Web 2.0 real estate blog.
  17. Greater Fool – He’s a twit who is only out to sell more of his books, however it’s a good idea of potential questions you might get from J.V. partners.
  18. I Love Rentals! – A US property management blog.
  19. It’s Lovely! I’ll Take It! – Entertaining photos taken from real estate listings.
  20. Real Estate Investing For Real (from BiggerPockets) – A big US investing and Realtor community.
  21. HomeVestors – Another kind of REIN wannabe.
  22. REal Experts Inc. Blog – Brian Persaud’s site. He writes great stuff and has guest blogged here several times.
  23. REINTeam’s videos – Catch the videos from REIN as soon as they get uploaded.
  24. Saskatoon Real Estate Resource Centre – A Saskatoon Realtor.
  25. Statistics Canada, The Daily – If you want to keep an eye on everything from Alfalfa Exports to how many Xrays we’re getting, this is the one to follow.
  26. TD Economics – Toronto Dominion’s Econ department, about once a week.
  27. The Calgary Real Estate Blog – Jared’s blog. Not that frequently updated, but pretty good and he does the stats.
  28. The Versatile Investor – Mark, another REIN member. Mostly RTO stuff.
  29. Tom Karadza & Nick Karadza – Two Realtors and investors in Ontario.
  30. Toronto Real Estate Blog – Toronto stats and such.
  31. Upcoming REIN™ Events – Notices and agenda stuff for REIN meetings.
  32. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative – My favorite Econ blog.

Now obviously there’s some I should add, like the other banks, some I get via Twitter, like ATB Economist Todd Hirsch. I also get some via email subscriptions, but this is a pretty decent list for getting started.

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  • Hey, just came across this, thanks for the link love! Now that I’ve found you, I’ll be following along as well.

    All the best in 2010!

  • Hi Chris,
    Thanks for counting me in!
    These are some great blogs you’ve got up here.

    Danielle Millar

  • Chris,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It is an honor to have Go Beyond MLS listed among the other blogs you read- I read few of the blogs from your list myself. I just hope I am not too big of disappointment!

    Thanks again, much appreciated!

  • Thank you for reading Chris, and I appreciate the mention.


  • Thanks for including the BiggerPockets Blog on your list, Chris. We definitely appreciate your readership! One question, though . . . why the nofollow?

    • A

      Hi Josh,

      I’ve nofollowed some of the blogs for two reasons: first, just too see if people will notice (check!), second just for some of the larger sites both don’t need the links and tend to link all over the place, so I just tend to be careful where I link. As a rule on lists like this I tend to nofollow by default, and lift it when appropriate. I’ve switched BP to a dofollow link 🙂


  • Thanks for including my blog in such a distinguished list. Cheers!

    • A

      Glad to help. I have to admit I don’t always read it, but when there’s something good it’s golden!

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