8 Links for Your Weekend – Parade Style

Here’s some links to help your Friday (or Saturday) go a little faster. I’m going to try and post things like this a little more regular, so please leave a comment and let me know if there’s types of links, news, topics or questions you’d like to see more of!

  • From Lovely Listing – NFSWednesday: taking racecar beds to a whole nother level
    The shock absorbers make it perfect for people living in earthquake-prone areas, and the ridiculousness makes certain you’ll never take yourself too seriously.
  • Stephen Gordons’ Worthwhile Canadian Initiative – On Canada’s exit strategy
    Our exit strategy appears to be to let the fiscal stimulus package expire in 2011Q1 as planned, and to let monetary policy take up the responsibility of providing whatever remains in the way of counter-cyclical policy. From where I sit, that looks to be the sensible path.
  • Mike’s Calgary Real Estate Review – New Zoning Restrictions On Secondary Suites
    Council has erased zoning restrictions on secondary suites for thousands of suburban Calgary houses, a unanimous decision at least one alderman acknowledges he made without understanding the changes he was approving.
  • From Canadian Mortgage Trends – Variables Win Long Term But…
    Long story short, variables are still a great bet for many. But, if you:

    • Have a tight budget
    • Are nervous that prime rate could exceed analyst rate estimates in 18-24 months
    • Find an amazing deal on a 5-year fixed
  • Mike Sachoff on WebProNews – ApartmentGuide Adds Search Tab To Its Facebook Page
    “A significant portion of ApartmentGuide.com users are between the ages of 18-35, aligning nicely with Facebook’s demographics,” said Arlene Mayfield, president, Apartment Guide. “Further, Facebook had over 150 million U.S. users in July 2010 with that number expected to grow considerably.”
    More sites need to do this. Facebook is huge in Canada.
  • Ryan Moeller on Bigger Pockets – 10 Ways to Mitigate Risk and Control the Outcome in Real Estate Investing
    Savvy real estate investors research and use information to make good informed business decisions. By doing this, you can mitigate risk and control the outcome.
  • Sara and Sheldon’s Edmonton Real Estate Blog – 1000 Things we Love About Edmonton
    I’m a sucker for lists and Edmonton related stuff, and I love the stuff they write. This one looks to be awesome!
  • From Canadian Capitalist – This and That: Napkin drawings, Role of luck and more…
    Check out the first link he has, some great napkin drawings from the NYT.

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