A long, long drive.

I’d been planning to post as I went from the Calgary REIN meeting and Quickstart. I ran into some snags.

First, I ended up using my laptop for music during the drive, so by the time I got to Calgary I had no battery. Then I discovered, via a nice girl from Dan Heon’s Mortgage Team, that there wasn’t wireless available in the meeting room. When you combine that with Don Campbell’s observation that none of the TV’s showed any sort of business news, you have to wonder what sort of shows they expect to host at the Telus Center.

The Friday night meeting was great, as REIN meetings tend to be. One important takeaway for me was something Peter Kinch said:

Make a note; April 2009, call me if you have variable rate mortgages and ask ‘should we be starting to think about locking them in.’

Both Peter and Don (and I) think this week’s Bank of Canada meeting will see a 1/4 point drop, and likely see rates up a half point by this time next year. Writing monetary policy for a country that’s as polarized as Canada is sure must suck.

Anyways, as much as I love Quickstart, by Saturday afternoon I was daydreaming about Megan…only another 3 hours down the road. I decided to head down the road to Edmonton, where Megan, my family and some investment properties are.

It was great to see Megan, and I’ll see her in another 2 weeks. I’m going to be glad when this random long distance is over. Anyways, the primary reason for running up to Edmonton was to look at one of the revenue properties.

This is one that my parents bought, are doing the Level 2 renovation on, and we’re going to JV. I’ve got a wee video to post later, but I’ve gotta do a quick edit because my camera was full and stopped recording mid-sentence. It’s a 3-bedroom townhouse in Millwoods, and it should cash flow wonderfully. 🙂

That was Sunday morning, after which I went for a walk and a coffee with Megan, and then hit the road for the ~1,000km drive back to Kelowna.

I’m a little tired, but really happy. I have a wonderful future wife, an amazing family, a great support network, and at least one great real estate investment.


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    Hi Justin, life has been pretty darn busy lately. I am only buying property in Canada, and primarily in Edmonton. By and large I’m not renovating properties, but this one was a great deal and the numbers and financing worked for my partners. Now we’ll hold it for the usual 5 years+.

    How’s life in Florida? I’ve heard that FL has some foreclosure laws that are a little different than many other US states.

  • Wow! Sounds like you have alot going on.. Are you only buying investments and renovating property in Cananda?

    Justin @ http://WWW.TheSarasotaDeed.COM