A Trip to Belize

Anyone out there who is a REIN member, has attended a Quickstart or read Don’s book Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System is going to be familar with the concept of a Personal Belize.

Simply put, it’s a way of visualizing your goals, in this case for your real estate, in non-monetary terms. It’s understanding success not by how many properties you own, or your net worth, but by how the sand on a Belize beach feels under your feet.

I chose to create a part of my personal Belize as a blog post when I attended the Quickstart in Vancouver in February of this year. I did that because Megan and I are both huge fans of traveling, each of us having spent a year living in Europe. I want my real estate to give us the ability to travel and expose our kids to more of the world. I know that we’ll blog about it for our family and friends to read as we go, so I thought I’d be a great way to get into the spirit now. You can read about Megan and I in Italy here.

For my parents, part of theirs was visiting Europe. The just got back from nearly a month in France and England, and they’re going on a cruise to Bermuda in the fall. (You can also hear Dad speak about property management during the cruise)

Dad outside St. Paul's in London

Dad outside of St Paul’s in London

 Mom chillin' with a beefeater in London

 Mom at the Tower of London

There’s a great section on REIN’s website for success stories. One that hit home with me is Kevin Matwichuk’s story.

Kevin joined REIN in 2005, and kept things simple. They bought 18 properties over the next three years. (One more than the usual 17-3 goal) They learned a lot. And in November 2007 bundled himself, his wife and their four kids (ages 9-13) off to the Caribbean where they spent seven months crusing on a 42′ Catamaran. You car real all about their trip and look at some amazing photos on their blog, One Life Sailing.

That’s pretty phenomenal, and something I’d love to integrate into my Belize.

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