This is a blog, a personal website that exists only to share my opinions with the world. No guarantee is made about the information that I or any commenter may post. I reserve the absolute right to delete any comments which I feel are not in keeping with the spirit of this site. I am not a very good speller. I am not a Realtor, property manager, accountant, lawyer, notary public, policeman, fighter pilot, professional shuffleboard player, or fresh fruit sales person.

I have worked for a property management company in a variety of positions, including resident manager and property management assistant. I have been involved with real estate since I was born. I am a third generation Alberta real estate investor.  I am a member of the Real Estate Investment Network. My parents are as well.

I do not have any financial ties to the property management company I formerly worked for, or to any corporate body involved in the real estate industry, except my own. I’ll do my best to disclose conflicts of interest where they exist.

Other authors also contribute to this site, and their opinions, content and ideas are entirely their own, except where noted.

I will do my best to disclose any possible conflicts of interest. No attempt is made to give professional advice on this site. My opinions are my own and are simply for your entertainment and I hope that you find them amusing and thought provoking, if not helpful. I’ve seen a lot of owners, investors, property managers, caretakers, trades people, legal staff and tenants make a lot of stupid decisions, and a lot of brilliant ones. I’ve seen people lose thousands and make millions.

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