ACRE Weekend Resources for Newbies

Well, Saturday morning in Calgary will find a bunch of people in a room with Russell Westcott, Don Campbell and a bunch of exceptionally successful real estate investors. I wish I could be there, meeting people, seeing what’s new and being inspired. It’s an ACREs (Authentic Canadian Real Estate Seminar) weekend, put on by REIN.

If it’s your first time at at REIN event (which will be most of the people there), here’s a selection of the over 300 posts on my site. It’s a mix of the most popular, most controversial, most useful and most personal. Enjoy!

My first ACRES/Quickstart weekend, my personal Belize (vision) and family.

Tips, Tools, Mistakes and Systems

Property Management Experiences and Tips

Joint Venture Partners

Business, Stats and Misc

And some roundup posts:

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