Bathroom Reno Mistakes – Chapter 74

Last year around this time I renovated Megan’s bathroom in the condo she just bought. We installed a nice new tub and surround.

Part of the reno required floating the floor under the tub by about 2″. Since the reno, the tub settled about 3/8″ of an inch, so there was a gap between the surround and the tub, causing the caulking to crack. As I only needed  a little bit of caulk, I bought one of the little containers. I picked up a tube of Kwik Seal, making sure it was white, and went to grab a caulking removal tool. Then I walked back to the caulking area, thinking it might make sense to spend the extra $1 for a full-sized tube. I put down the tube of white Kwik Seal. 

I decided it would be dumb to get a full sized tube if I didn’t need it, so I went to the same rack and got another  tube of kwik seal. 


What I didn’t realize until I’d stripped the old caulk off and laid the first 2-foot strip of caulk was that I’d bought Almond Bone, instead of white. 

So now I’ll be stripping, cleaning and re-caulking (in white) this weekend. No matter how many times you do something, you can still make a stupid mistake. I laughed, so feel free to laugh at with me.

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