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Well, I’m into part II of David Allen’s Getting Things Done and I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. His slant on personal organization makes a lot of sense to me; how he structures it, why he proceeds like he does, and it’s presented in a very accessible way. He goes into some impressive detail, but keeps it surprisingly readable and moving forward. I’m kind of glad I bought the Basic Bundle off of his website, because it comes with several little cards explaining the work flow….increasing the chances I’ll actually be able to use the system properly in the future. I’m actually looking forward to finishing the book so I can crack into some organizing and making progress on a couple projects I’ve got. More importantly, after the nice comments we got (both on and off the website) from our engagement announcement, Megan and I started (Ok, my crazy idea, and Megan said ok, but we’re both using it!) So that’ll be our source for keeping you all in the loop about wedding plans. May 2009 kids….mark your calendars. And finally, Mom and I ran away from work and ended up buying her a bike. Dad’s gone down to a Power of Focus thing, so it was just us for dinner. After dinner we went for a bike ride….it’s a really nice way to get out. Mom rides slower than I usually do, and I really enjoyed just riding along and talking. Peace. C

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