Books and Priorities….

The next book I read will be an exciting one, I promise. I’m just finishing up Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies, and I’m about to start reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I’ve gotten busy enough with so many different things that my old organizing system is running at capacity so I’m going to see if Mr. Allen‘s book is any good. I read about it an article that Craig Silverman wrote in the Globe and Mail and it might be a system that makes sense for me. Anyways, for $20 it’s worth a read. My current organizational system works on 2 ideas. First, if it’s important enough to do, it’s important enough to get put on my calendar. I use MS Outlook, sync’ed to my Nokia 6620. If it doesn’t get done, it gets rescheduled (which can be pretty entertaining when I synch with both my laptop and office computer). Second, I’ve got a priority list that’s never allowed to be more than one page. It’s split into four sections: High Priority (Urgent), High Priority (Not Urgent), Low Priority (Urgent), and Low Priority (Not Urgent). I try and update the list every second day but that hasn’t been happening very much lately. And now it’s hot tub time!

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