Breaking News: Tech Boy Starts Old School

Most people think of me as the internet guy. I worked for a big digital marketing agency, I teach online marketing workshops, I’m a Facebook/Twitter/etc addict, and I have a pretty MacBookPro that I love. I’m starting my career as a REALTOR® by doing something a little bit old school.

I’m sending real, physical, handwritten, snail mail cards out to a couple hundred of my closest friends, family, acquaintances and business people. Just a personal note and a couple business cards. I think people like that are deserving of at least the 2 minutes it takes to write a card.

If you’d like a card, or just like the feeling of something addressed by hand amongst the bills and junkmail, leave your address and I’ll send you a note or a Christmas card.

Photo Credit: Libraryman on Flickr

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