Bring Free Public WiFi to Edmonton

I learn a lot of things from being a Twitter user and having a job that allows me time to pay attention to it.

@brocksky works at YellowPencil who happens to be doing the redesign for the City of Edmonton. It went live just the other day. Here’s a picture of the tweet.

It seems they’re out earlier than Robert suggested in his comment on my post the other day. It’s nice to get things done ahead of schedule, isn’t it?

But the point of this post was getting free WiFi in Edmonton

@mastermaq pointed out that there’s a company offering free WiFi in Edmonton. It’s called, you guessed it, Free WiFi, and the way they manage to keep operating is by ad placement on a flash page that shows up occasionally.

I’d be worried that I’d be working on something online, go to save it, and get redirected to the ad page only to lose my work. If that’s not the case, I’d be completely fine with the occasional ad, and I’d definetly support the advertisers who are supporting Free WiFi.

Just another reason why I love Edmonton.

PS: Brock produced Heather Hutchison CD which I drummed on in 2007. His blog is called Frozen Puck. Mack’s an Edmonton dude I’ve never met, but he’s a great writer and has a great blog.

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  • Hi Chris, thanks for mentioning Free WiFi. The ad page shows up ever 30 minutes, and only in the browser (so your instant messenger is unaffected, for instance). I’m not sure if it does a redirect if you do a POST (presumably when you’re saving something) but I’ll try to find out.

    Thanks also for mentioning my Twitter and blog 🙂