Canadian Real Estate Events Calendar

It’s hard to keep track of all the things going on these days, and it’s easy to miss out. There are meetings, events, webinars, and releases of important information. I’ve decided to bring it all together in a calendar.

This is intended for investors like myself, members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and those interested in Canadian real estate.

Please, if you have an event, or know of an event that might be of interest, let me know about it by leaving a comment or sending me an email. I retain the right to add or remove whatever events I see fit in order to keep it as relevant to my readers as possible.

I’ve also added a mini-version to the left-hand side of this site, and a copy of my Canadian Real Estate Calendar you can bookmark.


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    @Q, thanks for the recommendation! Google’s got a calendar synch program that works pretty well for my stuff, although I haven’t tested it with multiple calendars. If I have something on my REIN calendar I want to add to my personal calendar and get a reminder, I click ‘add to my calendar’ and then I can adjust it.

  • Nice Idea. On a personal level – I use to manage a shared calendar with all my reminders for real estate actions that I need to do. I have reminders that automagically get emailed out to different people on set dates and times. It synchs with Outlook so I have a local copy of all the items, and Airset sends reminders to my mobile phone at the date/time I set. Oh yeah – its free. 😉