Chris Eats Words, Sends City of Edmonton a Cookie

Well, with my last post about interactive maps of Edmonton and Red Deer, I mentioned that I was unhappy with one of the websites. Also, I promised to send someone a cookie if the City of Edmonton popped up and said something about it. I was sure from my previous experience working at the City that the chances of loosing a box of cookies would be on par with Calgary winning the Stanley Cup this year. (i.e. not very bloody likely)

Now I have to eat my words, because the first comment I got was:

Chris: I saw your post and your comments. The City of Edmonton is redesigning its site and it launches very soon. Check it out after October 2 and let us know what you think. I can’t promise this specific issue will be fixed right away, but we’ll look into it.

P.S. I like chocolate cookies, not the electronic kind.

Robert Moyles
Director, Communications
City of Edmonton

I’m looking forward to the new site, and as an Edmontonian (temporarily transplanted) I’m glad to see that they’re paying attention. Kudos!

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