Chris’ Podcast – May 7/09

Here’s a first for me, a shiny new podcast. Brent bought a sweet USB mic, so I fired it up and here we go. It’s just over 8 minutes long.

You can listen by clicking the play button below, or by right clicking on this link, selecting ‘save as’ and using iTunes or something on your computer or your iPod.  Click play and read on!


I hit three topics this week:

  1. Christopher emailed me a question about my post on why you shouldn’t call your property manager.
  2. Linda went to one of those other ‘educational’ seminars where they try to sell you crap. She wanted to know what’s wrong with buying real estate in Costa Rica or Honduras (or Redwater for that matter).
  3. Internet marketing for real estate investors. This is a serious topic, enough for a series of podcasts on it’s own, but I touched on it briefly. Remember, this blog and this podcast are both targeted towards REIN members, and most of us are interested in Joint Venture money. I was aiming my comments at the 90% of REIN members during their first couple years after they join and attend an ACRES/Quickstart weekend.

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