Edmonton Townhouse Rents – CMHC Stats in a Motion Chart

CMHC is well known for publishing the “official” vacancy rates and taking surveys of rental rates. Unfortunately this data can be hard to find, and the detailed information can be hidden in massive reports. 

A great email discussion with Sean Verret about keeping my charts updated provided this question:

Where do you grab your statistics from?  If you were looking to grab the last 20 years of average townhouse rents in Edmonton, where would be the first place you’d look?

Sean got to the answer sooner than I did. I suggested CMHC or the EREB, and Sean got hold of a wonderful person there who passed along some data. If you’re like Sean and I, and you’re buying 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes in Edmonton as a cashflowing real estate investment, then rental information is important. 

Here’s a chart for your enjoyment, as well as the raw data. You can view the original document by clicking here. This data comes from CHMC’s October Surveys of townhouse (row) units in Edmonton.

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