Coldwell Banker Launches iPhone Integration

I’ve said before I love the iPhone, even though I hate the iPhone. Coldwell Banker, a major real estate brokerage in the US and Canada has launched an iPhone platform for their excellent online resources. In particular, their home value estimation tools and browsing have been specially formatted for browsing on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

All you have to do is visit on your iPhone and it’ll automatically recognize that you’re on an iPhone and adjust for you.

This is part of the future of real estate, particularly residential real estate. It’s a future of home buyers searching while they’re mobile, and being better informed and armed when negotiating. It’s part of why there’s still a role for Real Estate agents in marketing homes for sale and in assisting buyers.

Hopefully Coldwell is going to build out some more functionality for their Canadian friends, including their home value estimator.

Check out some pictures:

(Hat tip to Manoj at Web Analytics World)

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    @Mark You’re right, there’s no real enhanced functionality for Canadians with normal web, and definitely not for the iPhone. Canada’s unfortunately a little behind with it comes to online marketing.

  • Hey Chris, am I missing something or is there currently NO functionality for Canadians? I don’t see any way to search Alberta listings – there are just State and Zip fields.