Come visit my office

If there’s one thing I can recommend to everyone to improve creativity, planning, time management, right-brain thinking and the attitudes of your children, it is this:

  1. Go buy a 4×8? sheet of white corrugated plastic.
  2. Attach it to a wall in your house.
  3. Buy some dry erase markers.
  4. Draw something big and random in the middle of it so you don’t box your ideas in. It’s there so you think big.

Here’s mine!

Here are some more pictures of my whiteboard, and a shot of my top-secret desk. See if you can find the great real estate deal.

If you think there is a secret real estate deal hiding there, you haven’t been paying attention. There are enough deals for everyone, and I threw that comfree sheet in the garbage.


Here’s a closeup. It’s important to throw random ideas up on the whiteboard as soon as they occur. That’s why the pens are right next to the doorway.

My Whiteboard

Just semi-random thoughts.

Here’s the planning for my post about how to search for cash flow real estate investments.

Investor Binder Planning on My Whiteboard

And then things got a little weird.

I drew a bunch of stick men, inspired by Gary Larson’s The Far Side.


And somehow I heard Megan say the words “turtle-frosted snail” and made her go draw it.

The Turtle-Frosted Snail

Turtle-Frosted Snail

And finally…my messy desk. As per David Allen’s suggestion, it’s a piece of plywood (counter-top actually) on a couple of saw horses. Cheap, functional, easy.

My Messy Desk Feb08

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my white board. Now go buy one, and post a comment with a picture of it, or wherever it is you work.

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