Coming Soon: REALTOR® News, Workshops and Affiliate Webinars!

The last few months have been just about as crazy as they get. Periods of insanity, followed by complete boredom. There’s three exciting things happening before the New Year (beside the birth of my first child) and I wanted to remind y’all that there’s a mailing list separate from this blog where I’ll be sharing them first.

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As you might have seen, I’ve just finished all the courses and exams to become a REALTOR®, and I’ve been interviewing real estate brokerages. I’ll be making a decision very soon and getting started helping people sell their properties and find new homes or investments. The lucky people on the email list will get to hear about it first (exciting, I know…) and also hear a little bit about the process (the things I’m reluctant to post on my blog for all to see).

Internet Marketing Workshops

Back by popular demand (i.e. people lovingly nagging me) will be my one day Internet Marketing Workshops. The date is yet to be set, since I’m trying to dodge Christmas Parties, but it’l be in early December. This will also be a very intimate session, limited to no more than 8 participants and it’ll be the last time I offer the course for $247 before I completely re-write the curriculum and the price goes up. This course is great for real estate investors, Realtors and small business owners.

Affiliate Webinars

And after a bit of a delay, the REIN affiliate program is going to get things going with a big December sale. Here’s part of an email I recieved from REIN’s Member Support Manger

Last year we decided to do a year-end clearance sale of a number of popular REIN™ products, and since it was so well received, we’ve decided to repeat that promotion again this year. So, get ready for the REIN ™ December Blow-out Sale for 2010 – we will be discounting nearly our entire line-up of programs, kits and some e-based products as well!

This year we are also going to give our Affiliates a piece of the action… You can publish those links or banners on your website, or use the text in an email or newsletter that you send out to your group. These promotional pieces are being designed now, and will not be available in your Affiliate dashboard until Dec. 1, so you may want to think about the timing of your next communication to your group…can you publish something to your database on, or just after Dec 1, and will that fit with your overall communication schedule?

As you promote our Sale to your contact database, every one of your people who clicks on the link embedded in the Sale banner or text copy that you post and then gets transferred to our shopping page will qualify you for a commission if they purchase a Sale item. They don’t even need to purchase an item on that visit – our system will also track future visits and purchases from that same user, and will credit you with a commission for a purchase even days later.

To help people get up and runing on the affiliate program, I’ll be doing a free webinar to help teach you the basics. We’ll get that rolling sometime the last week of November, but it’s only available through my email newsletter so sign up now!

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  • Congratulations on your coming bundle of joy! That’s great you’ve had a busy year – expat now parent. We’re settling in to Edmonton and loving it. Hope to see you at a REIN event one day! (I’m the official babysitter) Best Wishes!

    • A

      Thanks Danielle! We should have lunch one of these days, I’d love to see your little one, who isn’t that little anymore. Glad to hear that you and Todd are enjoying E-town!