Committed to a Cause

Yesterday I was passing through the Vancouver area and I made time to meet up with Russell Westcott.

For those who haven’t met him before, he’s the Vice President of the Real Estate Investment Network. The REIN members will know him as the MC of most of the meetings and the resident Joint Venture expert. He’s also the author of the JV Secrets books.

We’ve chatted before, and I’ve had the chance to talk at meetings with some of the other people who make up the REIN team, but this was my first visit to the home of REIN. The only think I can say is that’s a group of people who work their butts off for the organization. I’m amazed they manage any time for their own real estate, but  they’ve sure got the focus to do it.

Anyways, Russell and I had a chance to chat about what REIN’s doing, and he offered some advice on a couple projects I have going. Then we taped an interview for the Interview with an Expert series they’ve been doing. I had a great time, and considering two of the interviews I’ve posted here were Greg Habstritt and Thomas Beyer, I’m in pretty good company. It’ll be  a couple weeks before it’s available, but I had a great time there.

It’s not surprising to see this story in Thursday’s Edmonton Journal.

The members of the Real Estate Investment Network(REIN), led by President Don Campbell, are passionate in their support for Habitat for Humanity. REIN Canada is 3,400 members strong, and through book sales and other initiatives, they have raised almost $500,000 toward the building of new homes for families in Edmonton since 2005.

Campbell believes 100 per cent in the Habitat for Humanity program. Along with his wife, REIN CFO Connie Campbell, he says, “We are a community and we are in an economic turmoil. I believe that in good times and in bad times, people have to find a way to support their community.”

They’re a great group of people, and I’m proud to be associated with REIN.

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