Apartment Buildings that Outperform: How To Build A Multi-Family Portfolio That Lasts

Property management brats tell the best real estate stories… so starts this odyssey into multi­family investing. Chris Davies has (literally) been in this business his entire life, from mowing apartment building lawns as a pre­teen, to investing in his own properties, to becoming a top performing REALTOR in the Edmonton multi­family space. His 20+ years of experience has boiled down to one super insight: multi­family success requires staying power. Flash­-in­-the­-pan sensations litter the real estate investment arena ­­ more than any other industry. But it’s better to build strong than fast. This book breaks down and explains in great detail how to build true staying power in the multi­family investment game. If you’re a new investor or have already found success investing in single­ family properties this book will help you plan and build the right kind of multi­family portfolio rather than just any old portfolio.

You’ll learn how to: ­­