Cowboys Herding Cats

Happy Friday!

I’m about to head off to spend the weekend on a houseboat with Megan and a half-dozen friends. My friend Jody Nimetz from SEO-Space won the trip in a contest but can’t use it, so he let me take it. I’m pretty excited.

This week’s stock-market meltdown has been interesting to watch. I’ll comment on it next week. For now it’s just interesting. Also, the Canadian banking market has gotten even tighter. I’m in the middle (still) of getting a mortgage for a place in Edmonton, and in the middle of the application several banks pulled their interest-only or 40 year amortization options. I know 40-year ams have been on their way out, but to hear from my mortgage broker as things happened was pretty crazy.

And now, your song of the week. It’s actually a commercial, but I think it’s pretty funny. Because I ride horses, used to live in a house with 4 cats and work for a tech company, I feel a strange kinship with these men.


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