Credit where credit is due

I’m back in Kelowna after attending REIN’s QuickStart with my parents (Brent and Leigh). I had a great time, learned a lot and met tons of amazing people.

The best part of the weekend was much closer to home.

I love my parents and I’ve never been as proud of them, and enjoyed their company, as much as I did this weekend. They’ve come through a lot and they’re starting to live their personal belize. They’ve earned it.


I’ve always known they (we) were pretty good property managers, and that they’ve done well as real estate investors, but seeing the esteem that people (including Don Cambell) hold them makes me explode with pride. They spent every conversation this weekend trying to help other people out, not trying to find properties or make deals. They’re out there to help people, and I’m damn proud to have them as my parents.

I love you both.

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  • Leigh Davies

    Thanks for the kind words. Having the relationship we have with you is a personal Belize all by itself. Thanks, we are also very proud of you!