Daily Statistics from Stats Can

Having great statistics is a vital part of what I do, and I’m sure that it’s important to all sorts of investors. I need them to help understand the market, creating Joint Venture presentations, blog posts and other presentations I do

One of my favorite sites is StatsCan (Statistics Canada). I’ve used the stats from The Daily in the past, like this post about unemployment numbers. What I (finally) did the other day was add The Daily to my RSS reader. Now it’s easier than ever, and much more digestable. 

You can get the RSS stream here: https://www.statcan.gc.ca/dai-quo/rss-eng.htm

Each day has 3-6 different reports, like today’s which looked like this:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Released at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time

Canadian international merchandise trade, March 2009
Canada’s merchandise imports and exports both declined in March, largely due to volume reductions. Imports decreased more than twice as fast as exports.

Aircraft movement statistics: Small airports, 2008

Export and import price indexes, March 2009

Chain Fisher real export and import values, March 2009

Public Service Employee Survey, 2008

Featured product

Canadian Social Trends, May 2009 online edition

New products

You can view it as a PDF or as  the HTML page, but RSS is better! Here’s what it looks like on a daily basis. 

So go check it out!

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  • I subscribed to a couple of key feeds. I then used https://feedrinse.com/ to filter keywords that I would use in JV presentations on the full daily feed. Just in case I miss any good data. RSS rocks. Goodbye Daily Email.

    • A

      I never got into using feedrince, but it sure looks handy. I’m still pulling few enough feeds that I don’t need to filter, but it’s a great tool.

  • Nice pull on the RSS feeds. Saves me time from reviewing the daily email and focuses the stats that I want for JVs. Saved my 3-5 minutes a day 🙂

    • A

      Thanks Q, it’s actually a really handy feed, although it’d be kind of nice if they gave you the option to get the whole daily in one post, rather than each report as one.