Dear Batman; Love Bruce

This week’s SOW comes from my friend Jesse, and it’s called Dear Batman; Love, Bruce. All I’ll say is I’m excited to get back to Edmonton and have a chance to jam with Jesse and my other musical friends.

The lyrics:

Hey Man Hey there how dare you?
Think you’re the only one
That gets to do the things he wants
And the things he thinks are fun
Because you saved that woman
From that man with the gun

You know if you take the first three letters
Off the six that spell your name
And think about whats left
Oh no a man aint fit
To live inside a cave

Yeah lately they’ve been calling you
Almost every single day
Man, you know the worst thing about you
You cant say
Oh no no
Not today

Yesterday caught my reflection
And I saw you there instead
And how I long to step away
These clothes I shed
And Id live the way I wished
till the day that they told me I was dead

I don’t even like this city
So I just might move away
Yeah Gotham makes me shiver
In a depressing sort of way
Move a couple miles south
buy myself a house that overlooks the bay
Yeah you know that when youre gone
That they’ll forget you in a second anyway
And the worst thing there is about you
Is that you cant say
But oh no no
Not today

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