Edmonton and Calgary Rental Rankings – Winter 2010

At long last, here is the Winter 2010 Edition of the Rental Website Ranking Reports for Edmonton and Calgary. Like the Ontario ranking report and the original rental website report, it helps you understand which rental advertising websites are dominating Google and why that’s an important thing if you have vacancies to fill.

The top websites for each category were:
Condos – www.rentfaster.ca
Houses – www.rentedmonton.com
Apartments – www.rentedmonton.com
Rooms for Rent – www.kijiji.ca

Condos – www.rentspot.com
Houses – www.rentspot.com
Apartments – www.rentspot.com
Rooms for Rent – www.kijiji.ca

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(PDF format, ~3MB each – Right click and ‘save-as’)

The struggle to find tenants to fill vacancies is a problem known to every investor and property manager. As the Internet has grown to become a pervasive part of our lives, the choices for advertising media have grown exponentially.

This report seeks to help narrow the field, and educate investors and managers about the role search engines play in our lives.

What this report gives you is a guide to which websites dominate Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) for Alberta’s two major rental markets. For transactions like buying cars and houses, nearly 80% of people start their search online. While not all of your marketing should be online, it should be a significant part of it.

The stronger a site is, the more traffic it gets from Google and other search engines, and the more likely it is to play a role in your tenants’ search. This is only a guide to how sites rank. We strongly encourage you to adopt a culture of testing and change in your real estate business. Track the responses so you know which sites consistently refer quality leads and tenants. Use different phone numbers and email addresses, tracking where your marketing time and money is having the greatest impact.

We’ve done the hard part here; determining which phrases people use and which websites rank the best. Now it’s up to you to take the lessons from our experience, create good ads and measure the results.

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  • Thanks for the list Chris, I’ve been doing some research on competitive companies in Calgary and it appears that Rentspot and Rentfaster are both quite highly ranked for their keywords. Interesting info!


    • A

      Thanks! It’d be interesting to see how the different groups run their search strategies.

  • Wow, what a fantastic resource, Chris. Any investor with rental properties will be bookmarking like crazy.