Edmonton Real Estate Prices Since 1962

[Note: EREB, now called RAE, changed how they calculate the averages. I’m finally, in 2023, working to get this updated and more relevant. I’ve also changed my practice to focus exclusively on Edmonton apartment buildings, but I’m still a big data nerd.]

Here’s something a little different and kind of fun if you’re a big dork like me. I took the historical price data from the EREB and did trailing averages. Then I put it in a Google Docs spreadsheet for cool investors like you to use. You can also access the the entire spreadsheet of Edmonton House Prices to use for your own manipulations.

I make no guarantee of this data, or make any promises that it’s accurate, well calculated or pretty. I also burn toast with the best of them. It’s only here to display my willingness to be wrong in public, and give away resources to those investors who wish to use them.

Important Points:

  • The average annual price increase is 7.46%
  • The average 5-year price increase is 50.26%
  • Only 10 years since 1962 showed negative price growth
  • In a 5-year hold, only 4 years would have resulted in negative growth
  • If you held for 9 years, you’d always see an increase
  • Edmonton values appear to double every 9 years, on average, since 1962

Now, I bring you a big pretty looking spreadsheet! (Also check out the sliding chart of house prices)

Full Google Sheet with all the Edmonton Real Estate Data here

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