Edmonton Historical Prices – Updated and Questions for Y’all

In July I wrote two posts with some stats about Edmonton real estate prices. They were:

Sean Verret politely asked if he could use the charts and if I was keeping them updated. The answers are yes and sometimes.  You’re all welcome to use the resources I share here, provided you credit the source. In the case of these two charts that’d be the Edmonton Real Estate Board and myself. I also updated the charts with the most recent monthly data. I made a note to check the final 2008 prices from the EREB when they’re out and I’ll update the monthly prices at that time. I’m thinking I’ll update the prices quarterly. Why not monthly? Because chasing monthly trends is a too short term for me to base decisions on. I’m after long term fundamentals, and the monthly data isn’t as important.

Sean also asked if I could break out the numbers for townhouses. I’m leaving it up to you. What else should we track?


And here are copies of both charts.  You can see the full sliding chart chart on Google Docs.

And the Annual Prices since ’62, monthly, with trailing averages.


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