Edmonton’s Black Triangle Presentation

On Tuesday I took the opprotunity to speak at Rod O’Keefe’s OMREIC group. Hopefully I provided a little persective, made people think a little and pissed off anyone who is investing in Phoenix.

Here’s a slideshare of my presentation, and links etc are below the presentation. I talked about Edmonton’s Black Triangle (the original blog post is here) and the four main points were:

  • Why Edmonton is the best place in Canada to invest in real estate
  • Edmonton’s Goldmines and Landmines
  • Managing from a distance 
  • Edmonton’s Property Management Scene

The advertising tests that Brent is running can be found here: Testing Edmonton Rental Websites and Drowning in a Sea of Ads

To the young man who was asking about internet marketing, you were looking for Hubspot and SEOmoz

And Rod mentioned REIN’s BC Top Ten Towns Report. You can buy a copy for yourself here for $57.97. Don did a good interview on Global Vancouver (video below).

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  • King of Eastwood

    Great slide show. Is the baby really you or model?

    Rein is really moving up a notch. Great set of videos