Email, RSS or more Email?

Several people have asked if I have another internet marketing workshop coming up, and I’ve heard some others mention going to a site several times a week to check for updates. There’s three or four easy ways to get what I write about, or to just find out about my workshops and other interesting info.

Internet Marketing Workshops and Ranking Reports

I have an email list for my workshops and other related topics. It’s seldom more than 1-2 emails a month, so this is the easiest way to keep in the loop without hearing from me every few days. You can subscribe here or use the form below.

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Blog Posts, Website Updates and More Fun

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you can get the posts sent to you so you don’t have to surf back here every day or two. There’s two ways to do that.

First, you can subscribe to my RSS feed, using a reader like Google Reader.

Second, you can also subscribe to email updates, which will sent you a nice pretty copy of my posts by email. Here’s a quick signup form for the email updates.

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Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Media!

And if you want even more frequent updates, you can follow me on twitter here (@w_chris_davies).

Connect with me on LinkedIn here.
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I’m an avid user of the Social Media stock market called Empire Avenue. My ticker symbol is WCD.

You can add me on Facebook if we’ve met in person, but be warned, my Facebook has essentially nothing to do with real estate, internet marketing or social media and I will not likely join your groups/like your page if it has anything to do with real estate.

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