Explore Your Business Culture

Tom and Nick Karadza run a Toronto area real estate brokerage that does a lot of investment-related work. They’re investors themselves and I know that some REIN members out east know them reasonably well. Some of their stuff is a little too over-the-top, but they sure know their stuff.

Nick makes the good point in this video (orignially posted here) that if your business is investing in real estate, your customers are you tenants.

His experience (like mine) of going to the Apple store to look into buying a Mac is a great introduction to the extraordinary customer service they offer.

What type of atmosphere or culture are you creating in your real estate business? Do you work across a big intimidating desk? Do you work side-by-side with your tenants? What types of things are you doing in your renovations that creates that type of environment?

Nick, buy a MacBook pro! I did, and I wouldn’t go back in a million years. Then again, I haven’t gotten VM Ware to work yet, so I don’t have Windows running on it yet.

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  • Chris,

    I am a fan of Nick and Tom.
    I am glad to see that they are doing well. They are well liked, and doing all the right things to create a good following.
    Some REIN members recently went to a Workshop that Tom ran. It was a workshop for the Hamilton REIN Mastermind members. It was a very good workshop indeed.

    I have also enjoyed watching Nick and Tom’s Rock Star Mansion videos. Being a lifetime resident of Oakville, ON. myself, I am always very interested in seeing all of the custom homes being built in this town.

    Best Regards,

    • A

      They do some great videos and I’d like to check out one of their workshops one day. I’m going to have to make it out East one of these days.

  • Hey Chris, I’m glad you liked the video. Thanks for sharing it.

    You’re right we definitely like to have fun with our investing and I will take your advice on the Mac into consideration for sure. But I must warn you, I might be coming to you for technical support 🙂

    Have an awesome day!!