Facebook Ads – That Annoying Friend

If you’re anything like the Facebook addict I am, you’ll remember a time before Facebook had ads. If you’re like me, you’ll remember Facebook when you had to have an email address from an approved University. This means I appreciate what an intrusion Facebook ads are. They’re like a flashing neon LED billboard in a quiet neighbourhood.

So as a digital marketing professional and now as a REALTOR®, I get a lot of questions from people looking for leads or to do more online advertising. I’m talking about FB ads, but this applies to any real estate industry member and to your FB Page.

People don’t care about it and you should stop comparing your FB ads to your search engine PPC ads.


If you’re using FB ads to promote listings don’t get pissed when you realize the ROI is less than search.

Search engine advertising is like being next to someone when they say “do you happen to know a good Realtor?” You’re relevant, helpful and timely.

FB Advertising is like that guy at a party who is selling insurance, or amway, or Mary Kay and needs to make a sale, ending up drunk, shouting incoherently at the potted plants.

Nobody likes that guy. Don’t be that guy.

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  • Sara Kalke

    Totally! I’m doing a seminar at my office next week on social media, and that’s the #1 rule of social media in my books. Be normal! Be real! And if you want to plug your listings on social media (which you should), get a BUSINESS PAGE!!!

    • A

      Glad you agree! I think that a business page with your listings on it is a useful tool if done right – such that it doesn’t spam people’s timelines when they’re not looking for a new place.

  • I don’t think anyone would want to be that guy, especially how you put it. 🙂 Your rants are funny Chris.

    • A

      There’s some people I’m friends with on Facebook but that have been banned from my timeline. You’d never be one of those guys 😉