Today’s song of the week is by another good ‘ol Alberta Boy, Paul Brandt. It’s his tune Home, and it one of my favorite Paul Brandt songs. (PS…he’s on Twitter too @paulbrandt. Go follow both of us!)

The video is all clips from the movie Miracle, but it’s about Dads and hockey sure seems appropriate. Of all the blessings in my life, I’m most appreciative of my family….particularly my relationship with my Dad. The last year has been great, and every time we talk on the phone or when I’m at home it’s automatically a half hour conversation or longer. I’m lucky to have an awesome friend and mentor in him.

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  • And your Mom posts on your blog too??

    Is your family interested in adopting a self-reliant 35 year old with built-in grand kids and in-laws. (lol)

    I do hope to make it out West one day. 🙂

  • Your Dad has some wicked good tips on MyReinSpace.

    • A

      What can I say, the man knows his stuff! Hopefully you’ll make it out West one of these days and get to meet him.