How is Telus not bankrupt?

I Hate TelusI hate Telus. They’ve always been annoying. Their cell service has always sucked, their reps are frequently annoying, and then they tried to sell porn on their cell phones.

Now I’m trying to get a phone line hooked up. I’m in the middle of trying to buy some more real estate, so it’s a good idea to have a fax. It’d be nice to have a ground line.

First, their website. You cannot find ground line price information. It doesn’t exist. This is besides their website being one of the least user friendly I’ve ever encountered. Several people at work agree with me.

Second, their installer. I ensure they have my cell number when I apply, so that the tech will have my number. Then I leave notes on my door, the upstairs door, the landlord’s door, and tell my landlord what’s going on so they know. What do I get? Two "sorry we missed you" cards.

Third, calling them back. I’m not even going to get into how long I’ve been put on hold, or been cut off, or ignored. Suffice to say it’s nearing an hour. But, how did they fail to test the automated phone system before they let it loose? Granted web pages are easier to build and test, someone should have realized that people start to abandon their calls when you have to listen to five verrrry long descriptions of they types of representives I can talk to. (And "installation" is not one of the five) In SEM we call this problem "funnel abandonment". Look it up. Or maybe Telus doesn’t want to talk to me.

Either way, I’m exceedingly angry. There’s no way I’ll ever let Telus into any of my properties if I have any other option. I hope the new competition kicks Telus in the no-no, because this is no way to run a business.

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