I don’t have the power!

You can never find a power bar when you need one. I’ve got a dozen old cell phones (nokia 3590s and LG 4010s) that the company has gone through over time and I’m going to sell them on Craigslist. I’ve opened them up, recorded the numbers, made sure the SIM cards have been removed, and I want to charge them and make sure they all work.

Can I find a power bar? Nope! We’ve got 8 of them floating around the office, all in use right now. I guess we use a lot of juice.  

So the cell phones are a project that gets moved on to the next action (Home) list.


On the good news front I’ve heard back from a couple jobs in Kelowna and have an interview or two scheduled. And looking at Kelowna house listings there’s some decently affordable places. And I leave on Friday, which is really quite frightening.

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