I love my readers

As many of you know, I work for a company doing search engine optimization. We help people’s websites get found in the search engines. I don’t spend much time optimizing this blog. I just try to write about stuff that I find interesting and/or you might find helpful.

You folks have read, commented, linked, and shared. I’ve had some great people share guest posts. I’ve had people link in and send several hundered visitors in a day.

Today I saw something that’s a nice indicator of some success from a fairly important source. Google.

Those who dabble in SEO will know what Page Rank is. It’s one of the original measures Google used to calculate authority. If you have Google Toolbar, you can view page rank in a little box on the toolbar (see the picture below. They only update it for websites every few months, so it’s a fairly useless measure from a tactical standpoint. However, moving up one spot in page rank is an order of magnitude of difference. So moving from PR 1 to PR 2 is actually moving from 10 to 100. Today I noticed that chrisdavies.ca went from a PR 1 to a PR 3.

That’s a nice validation that this website is doing ok.

I already knew it, because my Google Analytics have shown me that over the last five months I’ve shown an average increase of 58% month-over-month in organic traffic from the search engines. That’s an increase of over 800% since April and it’s thanks to you guys reading, linking and sharing. I’ll be doing a couple things to thank the people who’ve helped my blog along, and sharing a little link-love.
Y’all rock. Keep on reading!

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