Idiot-Proofing Home Appliances – Some Funny Pictures

Yesterday Megan and I went looking at houses for a new principal residence. It’s always fun to look at houses, and I always seem to find something really entertaining.

This time I found it in the laundry room.

On the washing machine:

Washing Machine Instructions #1

(The stickies say stuff like ‘cheer normal to medium line’, ‘Fleecy use about a cap unless you like more!’)

And on the dryer:

Dryer Instructions #2

(Stickie says ‘Cheer goes in drum on clothes. Fleecy goes in middle’ with a little diagram and arrow)

Dryer Instructions #1

(And this stickie indicates where to set things for sweaters/knits and says ‘Here to start, PUSH button’.)

I’m not sure if this a case of difficult to use appliances or extraordinary user-error. Either way, it was hilarious.

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  • Hi Chris,

    This is hilarious indeed. Hopefully it is case of user-error. Or a slight degree of incompetence. 🙂

    About 3 years ago I was viewing a property in the west end of Toronto. The property had signs like these scattered all over the home. The were actually signs on sheets of 8.5” * 11” printer paper.

    Out of fascination, I think I read each and everyone of these signs, as the signs became the focal point of the house, not the house itself.

    If I were to guess, I would say that there were probably 50 of these pages through out the house. The signs were so descriptive that, and after reading many of them, I figured out why they were there. It was an unfortunate case of an elderly person living in the home who had Alzheimer’s Disease. These signs were in place to help the individual remember certain things. The Realtor showing the property, also confirmed this with me, after the fact.

    I have viewed countless houses. Many of them, I could not tell you a single thing that I remember about them. However, due to this unique situation of the house with the signs, I remember close to every aspect of the house. It definitely stuck out in my mind!

    Neil Uttamsingh.

    • A

      My Dad mentioned Alzheimer’s too, something that didn’t occur to me at the time. It’s kind of sad.

      One thing I love about my iPhone is a decent camera to help remember which places are which. (Having a great Realtor helps too.)