I’m still here, just fighting the web wars

No need to worry, I’m still here. I’ve been fighting some web issues (thank Manoj!) and I think I’ve got it settled. I tried to put those pictures in the last post and it kept doing wierd things with my text. (It was an extra class=”Left” in the CSS)

Since coming back from Edmonton I’ve picked up a new printer/fax, ordered a land line, gone to work, and done a bit of work on my investor binder.
My first deal, a townhouse in the Millwoods area of Edmonton, is going to be with my parents. They’re about to spend some time traveling, so it’s essentially on hold. I can’t excatly report it to REIN as a deal, but it’ll have some definite benefits as time goes on. Also, it’s much more important for my parents to enjoy themselves and not worry about real estate and stuff. I’m sure I’ll be able to get myself into trouble without them. 😉

The Millwoods townhouse is going to be a joint reno, and then either sell or offer to JV partners. We’re not in a big rush on it, and it’s led to some other interesting possibilities. Getting this deal also means it’s finally time for me to join the Real Estate Investment Network and stop borrowing stuff from my parents. 🙂 They activated my online access yesterday and it’s going to be great to attend a the meetings!
I’ve done a little bit of messing around with this blog as well. I’ve installed a SEO plug-in to help things out organically, expanded the name, and started to do a little keyword analysis to figure out where I can help traffic out a little. I’ve also got to get myself into a couple of directories.

And on the personal side, Megan and I booked a photographer for our wedding. That’s 4 big things out of the way! (Church, reception, caterer and photographer)

Keep ‘er steady.
– Chris

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