Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors (A Webinar Live from Ireland!)

To help investors in general and REIN members in particular, I’m going to be running a series of webinars and in-person workshops on internet marketing. The first will run for 1 hour this Sunday, November 29th at 6pm GMT. (1pm Toronto, 11am in Edmonton/Calgary, 10am in Vancouver).

This first workshop is completely free and is limited to 20 people to make sure we’re able to answer questions and due to the limitations of the software. Done! You can sign up to be notified of future webinars here.

We’ll start at the beginning, assuming you have no technical knowledge beyond sending an email or posting on myREINspace. The points I’m planning on covering are:

– Do I need a website?
– Pre-made, custom or something else?
– How people find your website
– How search engines work
– Isn’t Social Media a waste of time?
– Links and Paid Advertising
– Tracking your websites and customers
– Lead scoring (sorting your suspects and prospects)

Again, it’s a very intro level webinar, so I’ll touch on most of this, but it’ll be more of a familarization, rather than a discussion of strategy and tactics.

You can sign up here, and I’ll do what I can to make a recorded version available online afterwards. I’ll likely offer an intro-level webinar on a regular basis.

I’m also going to offer advanced webinars and in-person workshops in the future (which won’t all be free) on topics including:
– Advanced SEO (search engine optimization)
– Social Media
– Blogging and WordPress
– Analytics
– Lead Generation and Lead-Scoring

A bit about myself: I grew up in a family of investors and property managers, working in some capacity for Davies Management between age 12-25. After moving to Kelowna I landed a position with Enquiro Search Solutions becoming a SEO and Social Media expert. Our client list at Enquiro spanned the range from small B2B tech startups to huge Fortune 100 firms. In the summer of 2009 I moved to Ireland with my new wife and have been enjoying spending the last 3 months traveling around Ireland and into Europe. We will be returning to Canada just in time to spend Christmas with our families.

Photo Credit: / CC BY 2.0

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