Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors

I’ve been asked to speak for a group of investors about marketing. Internet marketing is how I make my day-to-day living, so that’s obviously going to be a big part of that. I have a decent amount of property management experience, so I’ll work from that angle as well.

What do you think think are the ‘must cover’ topics in a 45 minute or hour long presentation?

Please leave a comment or drop me an email on the subject.

Topics I’m thinking about discussing:

  • Where to advertise rentals
  • Testing: Ad Copy, Calls to Action, Paper/Physical/Websites
  • Photos
  • Your own website
  • Search engines….not as mysterious as you’d think.
  • Why attracting JV partners with your website will be the death of you
  • Why Social Media will then become your best friend
  • And why your website will be useful in that process

More thoughts? What am I missing?

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  • This might be a bit off the marketing point, but it is important to the back end of the marketing, but it’s amazing how many people don’t adequately check all their potential tenants references.

    If you spend time running ads, writing copy and attracting potential tenants who you are trusting with your property, do the back end follow up and check them out as well!

  • Chris, I find people always want to know the interesting details /funny stories about how you got started. Take them on a little bit of the emotional rollarcoaster that got you to where you are now… good luck!

    • A

      Good call Dan, and the way I ended up working in internet marketing is a pretty good short story as well. I know you folks have some good ones as well, and some interesting experiences.