It is your destiny….

Well, not quite.

After I left Edmonton to move to Kelowna I was quite happy to be rid of the property management industry. I love my new job with a SEO/SEM company here. Mom and Dad are rapidly moving towards living their personal Belize, and we’re able to laugh more and more about the crazy owners, tenants and other interesting people we’ve met in the industry.

Then I attended Quickstart Live in Vancouver with them last weekend. I’ve always known that real estate is part of my life, and that it’ll form a part of my long term net worth strategy. What I’m accepting is that we (my family) and I……are really good at it. Anyone who was at Quickstart in Vancouver will know what Don Campbell thinks of my Dad, and thus of the rest of us.

Thus, from this point forward will be primarily about my adventures in real estate investing, experiences in the property management industry, and other things that will be of interest to REIN members and others interested in Canadian real estate. I’m going to make a new personal blog at and move some of the personal content here to that page. The next month or two will be exceptionally busy for me.

My focus is first, always, on God and my fiancee Megan. Second, is on my new job. Third, but still very important is getting my real estate adventure solidly underway. I’ll still update as regularly as possible, and I’m always available by email. Anything sent to should make it’s way to me. Feel free to suggest topics, or contact me if you’re in the industry and would like to write a guest blog post.

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