It’s #REINing on Twitter

More and more people are finding out about Twitter, and recently a whole bunch of REIN members (and associated people) jumped on the bandwagon. Kudos go out to Chris Mewhort for starting a great thread on myREINspace on the topic.

First, what is Twitter? Think of it like text messages on your cell phone crossed with a CB Radio. Little messages (140 characters), but you can broadcast to anyone who cares to tune in to your channel. I’ll let the folks from Common Craft explain it in plain English.

You can learn more from reading this or checking out the Twitter FAQ, but it’s best to sign up, find some of your friends and get tweeting.

Here’s one of my tweets, where I’m replying to @tepherguy. He’d asked if I was a flames fan, and by tweeting with the @ in front of his name, twitter will automatically tell him about it.

We’re using the ‘hashtag’ #REIN to help each other find REIN related tweets. I use Twhirl on my computer and Tweetie on my iPod Touch as an easy way to access twitter without having to go to the webpage every time, and if I click on the hashtag, it opens up a search window like this:

So the way you’d use it while tweeting would be just like how Steven did here:

So I’m proud to announce the launch of

The Unofficial REIN Twitter Directory

Last updated April 5/09. Check this page for the full list which I updated first.

REIN Members

myREINspace Forum Members

Unclassified folks who might be involved with REIN, but I’m not sure yet.

Hopefully this will be a helpful resource. I’ll update this post on occasion, but the main directory will live here.

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