Joint Venture Secrets Unleashed: Teleseminar Series

Dan Barton of Oasis Properties dropped me a line about a webinar/teleseminar series he’s running on a subject near and dear to my heart: Raising Joint Venture money.

Dan’s done a lot of deals, and Oasis is a serious player in REIN circles. I’ve chatted with Dan and Greg briefly at REIN events and I have a lot of respect for what they’ve done and the help they give others on myREINspace.

It’s going to be a series of six hour long webinars on Wednesday evenings starting January 13th, and the cost is $147 (that’s $24.50 each). You can register on the Oasis Properties website or call 1-888-234-0093. Wednesday • Jan 13th – Feb 17th 2010, 6:00PM PST – 7:15PM PST

I asked Dan a couple questions earlier this week, including one about how interactive it was going to be for participants. Here’s what he had to say:

The seminars will be open for dialogue, [and] it will be interactive with me as that is the best way everyone will learn. We will be utilizing the mute and un-mute function that the conference provider allows, as long as the users understand to mute when they are not speaking – which always proves to be an interesting task. I will also be fielding questions and topics that are important to the participants by e-mail prior to the start of the series and the calls.

Here’s a quick video Dan shot to discuss it.

They’re also going to be recording the seminars, and Dan’s graciously agreed to give me access to them. Looks like a great program.

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  • Anyone know where Dan is these days? Do not send any money to him – he promises 10% simple return on a share in a property and then withdraws the money after the bank has foreclosed on the property.

    • A

      I haven’t seen or heard of him in a while. I’ve heard of a couple people who have gone sideways in the last couple years.