I’m on the ground in Kelowna now, and getting settled in to my new place. Megan came over yesterday after meeting with some school friends and we went shopping and made dinner.

Today was more errands, some TV watching, and talking with Dell. Yesterday on the way here I stopped in Vernon to get the phone number of my new landlords to let them know I was almost here. I flipped on my laptop and got the blue screen of death…so after 45 minutes on the phone with a nice man from India I was back into windows. Among other annoying problems there’s a mirror set of my documents folders with a slightly different name. I can get to my documents, but I have to jump through a couple hoops to do it. I assume that’s why the shortcuts to things like MS office are there, but the programs don’t seem to be installed. I don’t have any idea why I can’t customize my IE settings, or have any programs listed in the add/remove programs list. *face palm*
The temptation to buy a macbook is remarkable.


For now I’m going to keep getting things set up, look into getting an IP phone, and tomorrow will involve either a run or a long bike ride.

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