Lessons from Ted Rogers for Real Estate Investors

Lately I’ve been reading voraciously. I read Freakonomics in 2 days, right now I’m  re-reading the gentrification bible The Death and Life of Great American cities and on the weekend I just finished reading Ted Rogers autobiography. Ted Rogers was a real action taker and I found some principles that we could apply as real estate investors

  1. Perseverance: Rogers came close to losing everything numerous times. Very easily he could have fallen over the edge, if it wasn’t for his drive to regain the family name, his faith and belief we would have never have heard of him.
  2. Build: Combine vision with passion. Constantly strive to take action (i.e. write offers). Getting things done is essential. Take your time to plan, and do your due diligence, but once a decision has been made get it done GET it done GET IT DONE.
  3. Listen: Ted Rogers used to say, “Nobody is as smart as all of us. Real estate investors must try to foster a culture where ideas are exchanged and explored.
  4. Partners: Look for integrity, intelligence, and ambition. You cannot do everything alone…but have one person in charge.
  5. Customer: For your tenants improve service constantly, for your investors find ways to make the ROI better and their lives easier.  For example, in my company, we do all the books for all our JV properties, but their other investment properties as well.
Ted Rogers: Relentless
Ted Rogers: Relentless

Having a vision (or BELIZE) that you constantly go back to, being passionate and always taking action seem to be universal laws of success, whether your in Communications or Real Estate. What is your vision and what actions will you take this minute to achieve your vision?

Brian Persaud from Real Experts Inc has been a REIN member since 2005 and currently buying property in specific neighborhoods in Edmonton.

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