Looks like REIN…

Well, this morning I went to the round table meeting at CBD Network, which is always a good experience. Great people, all who are in the same job-search as you. There were about a dozen clients there and two success stories. Anyways, after the roundtable I ended up talking to several people who were interested in real estate investment. The organization I was talking about was the Real Estate Investment Network (R.E.I.N.), and the man is Don Campbell. For those who know they want to do something with real estate investing, check out his book (Real Estate Investing in Canada available here), and there is a QuickStart program in Vancouver on February 16th and 17th (website). Now, a disclaimer and an explanation: I am not a REIN member, and I haven’t read his book. I am working through some of the Quickstart materials I’ve borrowed from my father who is a REIN member. I do know a number of REIN members almost all of whom are very successful. (I do also know a number of fools who are involved with real estate, but that’s another story) REIN is not a magic bullet. It will not hold your hand and lead you to the door of the perfect investment. It will teach you how to find the right investments in the right areas, and how to finance them. The $500-$700 you’ll spend on the Quickstart is well worth if you’re serious about real estate and are ready to take action. And that’s all I’ll say about that. For now.

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