Magnetic Photography In The Post

It’s always nice to get mail, and it was particularly nice to get this big package in the mail. It’s a copy of Magnetic Real Estate Photography by Carla Johnson, a REIN member from Ontario.

I’m looking forward to reading it, both because I like taking photos and because I’m often entertained by the horrible photos on LovelyListing.

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  • Wow! It crossed the “pond” faster than I thought it would. Great news. Thanks for the plug Chris!

    • A

      You’re welcome! It’s a great looking book!

      Megan and I often say we want to get a better camera than our DP&S, but want some training before we plunk down a grand on a DSLR. I have an old-school Cannon AE-1 at home with some decent lenses, and I love that camera, even though film gets pricey.

      I’m looking forward to reading your book.