Mike Rowe on Hard Work and Dirty Jobs

Last night I caught a great talk by Mike Rowe on Ted.com.  First, if you haven’t heard about TED, you need to go check it out. Some of the most amazing people on the entire planet speak there, and watching their talks is like crack. Watch one good one and you’ll be completely addicted. (Or maybe I’m a big dork)

I really agree with Mike about work and how the perception of manual labour has changed.

And yes, I have castrated more than my fair share of lambs, and a couple of cows. There’s also no happier place on the planet for me than renovating something with my parents. Manual labour is a great thing.

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  • Roland, I am not sure where you got that particular piece of information, but the fact is I have not heard of one person in the recent past who was found to have been innocent after their execution. It may have happened way back when, but not since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

  • I quite enjoyed this talk. While I’m not a manual labour-er, and never really have been, I do appreciate the people and the necessity of the people who can and do, do those jobs.

    Closest I’ve ever gotten to manual labour was working as a lifty. I will say though, I was in the best physical shape of my life at that time!

    • A

      I’m a fan of it too. I emphasize with you more now than ever, as sitting in front of a computer all day makes staying in shape a little difficult. Working as a lifty would be ok…I’m a way bigger fan of doing Ski Patrol though. That’s a definite workout.