Mother’s Day by Text Message

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there!

I usually try (or like to think that I try)  to do something nice for my Mom on Mother’s Day. This year it’s a little hard. First, I moved to Kelowna from Edmonton in November. But compounding the problem is Mom and Dad have run away. I sent her a "Happy Mother’s Day" text message this morning…and where was she when she texted back?

On Vacation in Nimes

 In the south of France with Dad! (And going to watch the bull fights today!)

It’s been amazing to watch them over the last few months. They’ve both always been an inspiration to me, with work, family, and real estate. Thus far in 2008 they’ve left their former jobs to enjoy a mini-retirement and decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Real estate investment has worked out pretty darn well for them thus far, and that’s a big part of the reason I’ve chosen to focus on it now. But there’s a bigger reason than the financial success.

I love working with my parents.

Mom and Dad, and for a long time Grandpa, worked together. That says a lot about their marriage, and our family. Keeping a small business running is hard enough, but spending nearly every waking moment with someone and still loving them can be a challenge. I’ve learned a lot about life because I’ve been able to work with my family, and it’s been an experience I wouldn’t give up for all the money (or real estate) in the world.

Also, I love continuing to work with them. They’re both part of my investment team, and we talk every day or two. When I write offers or either of us are crunching numbers on a property we send stuff so we double-check each other’s work. The three of us work pretty good together.

The week or two before their departure for France they were tearing out the kitchen of a condo they bought….not because we didn’t have a contractor or the budget for it, but because we like doing stuff like that sometimes. I’d love to be there helping fix up the place, and working along side the two people I love more than almost anyone else on the planet. (The exception would be my fiancee, Megan)

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you.

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