My 2014 Review

I have to say that 2014 was a year of massive changes. We’re going into 5 years in the business of helping people buy and sell and we’re finally properly conscious of what we know and don’t know. I’ve never been more excited for the future. Here’s the highlights:

– Our move to do more business on the commercial (multi-family) side continues. About 65% of our income was from the commercial side, while I think we still do a great job on residential properties. I love working with friends and family – right now I’m pretty sure we’ll always stay involved in that side of the business. It’s so grounded and I like knowing how things are in the market first hand.

– We made the RE/MAX Commercial Top 100 in March!
The great letter dad and I got. Top commercial #REMAX in western Canada.

– We did make one big change to the residential side of the business in the person of Jennifer Elander-Bianchini. Jen is a brilliant Realtor, always cheerful, massively hard working and loves spending time with people. She’s helping our buyer clients find new homes and learning lots as we go.

– We gained Jen, but after 30+ years in the business Brent decided to retire from the active side of real estate. He’s still involved managing his own properties, helping out when our clients need advice – he’s still available for consulting and speaking engagements! If you’re buying your first apartment building he just might join you for a walkthrough and see if he can impart some wisdom.

– The band that Mike Landry and I have played in for nearly 10 years recorded our second album and played some cool gigs before letting things go to see what new projects God has in store for us.

Look! I found a #rainstick just for @trevorlawless!

Ready to play for a Columbian choirs rehearsal.

– I managed more sailing this year than last, including some time in my Laser.
Out #sailing with boy #1. Great day. #startthemyoung #kidsofinstagram

– I’ve also brought some terrific experience into the office in the person of Leigh Davies. She’s the former controller and general manager of Davies Management and my office has never been cleaner or more organized.

– RE/MAX Commercial World Symposium in Denver, plus visiting RE/MAX World Headquarters!
Finally checking out #REMAX headquarters. #yegre

I’m writing a book! It’s about strategic apartment building ownership and it’ll hopefully be out in early 2015. Drop me an email or comment if you’d like to be on the list for updates.

– The boys are just brilliant and they’re expecting a new sibling around Easter. Megan and I are stoked.
Awesome helpers on my trip to Rona tonight.

– I also finally got my MCNE (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) done which included a trip to Vancouver and Victoria!
Hanging in Sydney harbour before our ferry. #thewifehatesselfies

This was a very challenging year but when I look back at what we accomplished I think we weathered the storm in style. Here’s to a great 2015.

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